Co-workers, are you SUPPOSED to get along with them? Is there a world wide rule that states you must?

I was out of work Friday on a mental day, meaning had I not taken the day off I would have found the nearest shotgun and gone postal on someone.  I did not talk to my supervisor directly, though she prefers it, it just did not play out that way this time around.

So, I come back to work this morning, mentally refreshed, ready to take on the day and what customers throw at me and I get hit with a very icy reception not only from the super but the two other female co-workers. WTF? Well, I’m not going to let it get to me, I think it is hysterical that they are holding a grudge but that is their problem, not mine. I just think if they had an issue with it on Friday I should have been told Friday and not come back to…well…the bitter freeze!! Am I right? Eh?!

I’ll be looking for a job shortly. My friend tells me to find one and just up and quit this place…which I might do but in this economy right now, I may have to suffer here for a bit longer, but we’ll see.

Current mood: Psychotic

Listening to:    Love In Cold Blood – H.I.M.


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