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Happy Monday, Everyone!

Posted in Personal Life with tags , , on November 24, 2008 by vampirelore

happiness_fairyWell, here’s to a short work week for most of us! I cannot wait. I’m praying the phones are slow, I can get other work done and just fuck off if I want to! 🙂

Not much happened this weekend, though I did not feel like posting at all! Really don’t when nothing is going on but today, just felt like posting for the hell of it!

I have yet to sit down and seriously hunt for a job. I think I will after T-Day coming up. I’m not sure many companies will be hiring full time, but we’ll see. I’m definitely going to keep my feelers out there for something good!

Well, time to hit it!

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One of Those Days

Posted in Work Life with tags , , on November 18, 2008 by vampirelore

You ever have one of those days where you just finally sat up and knew you had to change something in your life? Yeah, I’m having it right now.

My personal life? Going great. Work life? Not so great. I work full time as a phone jockey (receptionist) and I despise it. It has been the only thing I’ve been good at since I began working many years ago. I detest it and I’ve had it. I would rather work retail than to sit here day after day taking calls from whiny ass technicians who do not know how to work the product we sell and offer support for.

Ask for another position in the company? Believe me, I’ve tried…for the past year and a half. I’ve gotten no where. (will be here three years in February.) I have been told they like me too much at the front desk, the customers like me and the techs like me…they don’t want to move me. Like I really enjoy hearing that bullshit. So, off I go to look for something else. I just cannot take it here any longer. I got a nice raise a year ago but I’m still the lowest person paid here and I’m treated like the mushroom, kept in the dark and fed shit.